Your fence and deck deserve superior wood stain. Wood Defender™ goes on easy and covers in one coat, with no back-brushing.

  • Uniform application
  • Superior color retention
  • Waterproof formula
  • Extreme climate formula
  • Mildew-resistant

Transparent Fence Stain & Sealant

The best solution for new Cedar fencing.

  • Ultra fine Trans Oxide pigments highlight and reveal the beauty of the wood grain
  • Resistant to UV Rays
  • Coverage 100-150 sqft/gallon
  • 2 year warranty

Semi-Transparent Fence Stain & Sealant

The best solution for re-staining an existing fence or pressure-treated fencing.

  • Opaque pigmentation to achieve stain look to highlight the wood beauty
  • Resistant to UV Rays
  • Coverage 150-200 sqft/gallon
  • 3 year warranty

200 Series Multipurpose Stain & Sealant

The best solution for staining multiple items: fencing, decking, and other items that have horizontal and vertical surfaces.

  • Unique formula of oils and resins
  • Penetrates deep into the wood
  • Provides Excellent Protection
    - Water repellency
    - UV Rays
    - Anti-mildew and fungal to prevent graying
  • Transparent and Semi-transparent available
  • Coverage 150-250 sqft/gallon
  • California Compliant - < 100 grams VOC per liter
200 series swatches

Contractor Program

Wood Defender has a complete program to help contractors start their own staining business!

  • Monthly training programs for starting a successful staining business.
  • Sales and Marketing tools and techniques for selling fence staining services
  • Hands on training with the proper tools and techniques for professionals

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Providing Superior Materials

We are dedicated to providing quality products to professional fence contractors. With over 70 locations across the U.S. and Canada, we have knowledgeable and helpful associates to help your business thrive.