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Upgrade your property to an outdoor oasis! Master Halco outdoor structure products give you the ability to create a relaxing and beautiful outdoor living environment. Products include wood pergolas, Absolute Post, and design accessories. Steel frame and pergola structures are offered as well.





Naturally resistant to insects and rot, cedar is less likely to decay after being left outside year-round. With a nice coat of Wood Defender stain, your cedar pergola will last for years to come!
Offerings: Posts, Rafters, Beams, and Trim.

Doug Fir
Stronger, denser, and more structurally sound, Douglas Fir remains a staple in the outdoor structure industry. It will also withstand harsh environmental conditions. Doug Fir pairs very well with Wood Defender oil-based stain to keep your outdoor structure standing for years!
Offerings: Post, Rafters, Beams, and Trim.


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Absolute Posts by Woodtone
Western Red Cedar hollow, engineered, solid structural posts bring natural warmth and beauty to your home’s exterior. This column is structurally certified in both the US and Canada and has a hollow core, ideal for lighting cords. The kiln-drying process significantly reduces splitting, warping, or twisting.


Woodtone Absolute Post



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Fortress Evolution Steel Deck Framing
For consistency & strength, there's no other option. Steel framing is rock-solid strong. It's durable and fire-safe. Unlike wood, all pieces are consistently sized and don't warp or twist with time. So why would you build your deck on anything else?

Fortress Evolution


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Barrette Outdoor Living Aluminum Pergola
Perfect for smaller spaces, the 8’x8’ aluminum pergola is a modern twist on traditional wood pergolas. Offering both form and function along with creating a unique outdoor living space for entertaining, dining, and outdoor living. Easy to assemble and install, the pergola features a durable premium matte black powder coat that requires minimal maintenance. Customizable by adding 2’x4’ decorative screen panels, also providing more privacy and shade.



Cabana X

Together, StruXure and TimberTech open a world of possibilities for outdoor spaces. From decking to pergolas, our product lines offer the form, function, and innovation to create a total space for a total escape. We can’t wait to share what we’re dreaming up together in the workshop. The Cabana X provides a unique space to connect your mind, body, and spirit— to enjoy the outdoors while remaining protected from the elements.

Barrette Modern House Oasis Pergola

Barrette Pergola with Sanibel

Struxure - Cabana X


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Simpson Strong-Tie
At Simpson Strong-Tie, our drive to innovate sets us apart. Through precision engineering and rigorous testing, we push the boundaries of wood construction connector design to match your most demanding applications with the fastest, easiest, and strongest products available.

Our advancements in steel connectors have led to countless improvements in construction, including better ways to protect homes from earthquakes and high winds. From hangers to hurricane ties and holdowns, our broad range of connectors supply the versatility, reliability, and high-performance you need to succeed.



Steel Connectors

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