Alta Western Red Cedar with Cedar Tone Wood Defender stain & PostMaster+ posts.

Alta Western Red Cedar with Oxford Brown Wood Defender stain

Alta Western Red Cedar with Leatherwood Wood Defender stain & PostMaster+ posts.

Alta Western Red Cedar Leatherwood with Wood Defender stain & PostMaster+ posts.


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Available in both Western Red Cedar or Douglas Fir, Premium Oil Pre-stained Fencing combines Alta Forest Products wood with Wood Defender Pre-Stain Technology to create a product that is curb-appeal-ready from the moment it's installed. Wood Defender's stain is applied at the factory using proprietary technology to ensure a quality appearance and consistent coverage. Premium Oil Stain helps to protect against damage from UV rays and moisture, enhancing the natural beauty and increasing the lifespan of your fence.



Features and Benefits


Expedite the Installation Process

  • Fencing is pre-stained and curb-appeal-ready
  • No waiting for the wood to dry stain
  • One-time installation and you're ready to go!
  • Provides protection against the elements on day 1


Multifaceted Protection

  • UV protection
  • Moisture protection
  • Wax End Seal


Factory Finish

  • Uniform finish achieved through quality-controlled application


Colors and Availability



Oxford Brown, Leatherwood, Cedartone

Fence Heights

4' - 8'

Board Widths

3.5" - 6"


Currently available throughout Texas markets.
Availability expected nationwide soon!


Providing Superior Materials

We are dedicated to providing quality products to professional fence contractors. With over 70 locations across the U.S. and Canada, we have knowledgeable and helpful associates to help your business thrive.