Alta Western Red Cedar with PostMaster+, Horizontal Solid Board with Light Brown Stain

Board on Board with Cap

Board on Board with Dog Ear Pickets

French Gothic Spaced Picket

Horizontal Solid Board

Right wood Shadowbox Cedar tone with Cap

Shadowbox with Cap

Solid Board 3 Rail with PostMaster Posts, Dark Brown Stain

Solid Board White Cedar with Cap

Solid Board with Cap and Trim. Photo Courtesy of Superior Fence and Rail

Western Red Cedar, Horizontal Board on Board with Cap and Trim

Western Red Cedar, Horizontal Solid Board with Dark Walnut Stain

Western Red Cedar, Horzontal Solid Board with Cap and Dark Walnut Stain

Wood offers many versatile selections to create stylish fences that match your price point and property’s requirements.

From split rail to privacy styles, Master Halco has the right wood fence for your property.
Safety & Security
Wood fences keep pets and children protected and discourage wildlife from trespassing.
The PostMaster+ steel fence post family combined with dependable wood fence systems provide a long lasting and durable fence to enjoy for years to come.
With a wide offering of species, you can choose the wood that fits your price point.
The natural warmth of wood creates a peaceful retreat in your backyard.
Wood fence can provide the privacy you desire for your space without compromising style.




Privacy style fences fully protect your space from any prying eyes. There are multiple privacy options such as solid board, board-on-board, and shadowbox.


Semi-Privacy styles include spaced horizontal and shadowbox, which allow for more light and airflow while still maintaining a good amount of privacy.

Lattice Top

Lattice top is an addition to your fence that adds decorative style. It can be added to most styles of wood fence and is available in a variety of patterns.


A wood picket fence provides you with a stylish accent and plenty of visibility and air flow.

Ranch Rail

Often found in agricultural settings, ranch rail consists of horizontal spaced rails to create a perimeter without sacrificing views. It has gained popularity for use in residential settings as well.


A more rugged look, post-and-rail styles are common in large stretches of land along the countryside.

Privacy Board on Board

Privacy Solid Board Dog Ear

Semi Privacy Horizontal Solid Board

Semi Privacy Shadowbox Dog Ear

Lattice Top Solid Board with Horizontal Lattice

Lattice Top Solid Board with Square Lattice

Picket Gothic Picket

Ranch Rail 4 Rail

Post and Rail 2 Rail Round Rail

Post and Rail -3 Rail Split Rail


Western Red Cedar

Durable, beautiful, and sturdy, Western Red Cedar is the best choice for premium residential fencing.


Includes Japanese Cedar, Northern White Cedar, and Incense Cedar. Cedar is naturally resistant to insects and decay and is a beautiful and durable option for any yard.

Spruce & Fir

Includes Rightwood, Rightwood Plus, Altamit, and Premium Treated Pickets. They are often used in fences due to their affordability, durability and ease of install.

Pine & More

Includes Southern Yellow Pine, Red Pine, and Redwood.

Specialty Wood

This consists of different wood types used for special styles of wood, such as split rail and post-and-rail.

Western Red Cedar

Japanese Cedar

Northern White Cedar

Incense Cedar

Spruce & Fir



Southern Yellow Pine

Red Pine


Western Red Cedar Split Rail

Poplar Locust Specialty

Providing Superior Materials

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