Chain Link

Black Mini Mesh

Black Spectra Chain Link Baseball Backstop

Green Chain Link

Tennis Court Black Spectra Chain Link

Yellow Safety Cap on Outfield Fence

Chain link fence is also available in different colors for a different look than traditional galvanized. The zinc-coated steel framework is color coated with polyester and an extruded polyvinyl chloride for protection from corrosion. Master Halco offers three brands of colored chain link: Spectra®, Spectra Bond®, and Permafused®. All 3 brands are protected by a 15-year Limited Product Warranty.

Another way of adding color and safety is through Safety Top Caps and Safety Top Caps-Lite. Their unique design provides protection against bodily injury by covering the exposed knuckles or barbs on top of chain link fences. It also increases visibility of the fence for player safety while acting as a decorative trim piece to enhance any galvanized or colored chain link fence system.


Spectra® (extruded) is the latest generation of Master Halco’s residential, commercial and industrial chain link fence systems. It provides the corrosion protection of zinc, with the durability and attractive appearance of a colored polyester framework and extrude PVC fabric, to ensure years of attractive and reliable performance that blends in beautifully with the environment. Spectra framework is zinc coated steel framework is thoroughly cleaned during the pre-treatment process, then color coated with a 3 mil minimum polyester layer for dual protection from corrosion.

Black Spectra at a Park

Black Spectra at a School

Black Spectra in Residential Neighborhood

Spectra Bond

Spectra Bond® is a step above for Master Halco’s color commercial and industrial chain link fence systems. It is extruded bonded wire, which is a better alternative to simple extruded wire. The adhesive added before the wire is extruded seals the vinyl to the wire. This ensures years of attractive and reliable performance with a better protection against nature. Spectra Bond framework is either Spectra framework or Heavy Mil framework.

Spectra Bond at a Playground

Spectra Bond at Government Facilities


Permafused, the next generation in color chain-link fence systems, offers unparalleled performance over ordinary systems, featuring a heavy mill coating for superior protection. Its outstanding resistance to ultraviolet light and corrosive environments prevents premature fading and decay. It is an ideal choice for commercial applications that need the security of a chain link fence system and an appearance that blends in beautifully with the environment.

Green Permafused for Tennis Courts

Permafused as a Perimeter-Fence

Permafused in High Security Facilities

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