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Cantilever Gate

Rolling Gate

ValueTrac Series 3500 featuring wheels

Gates are one of the most important parts of your fence. With the large variety of applications chain link offers, there is a gate perfect for your installation. Aluminum and steel frame swing or slide gates, panels and hardware are available with rapid turnaround times and competitive prices for residential, commercial, industrial, and high security applications.

Swing Gates

Swing gates are gates that are hung on the frame and swing back and forth to allow access. These are made as walk gates or large drive gates. Swing gates are available in galvanized fabric or Spectra colored fabric. Within our swing gate offering are numerous welded and bent frame options. Our pre-hung pedestrian gates are known as Series 8000 gates. Master Halco has a number of different options for slide gates:

  • Pre-Hung Pedestrian Gates: Series 8000
  • Large Opening Swing Gates: XLG Series 8600

Slide Gates

Slide gates, also known as “roll” or “cantilever”, are gates constructed of steel or aluminum with internal and external rollers that allow the gate to slide back and forth to allow entry. These gates provide economical options for perimeter residential, commercial/Industrial, security and high security gates. Slide gates open alongside the fenceline and do not require a lot of room for the gate leaves to swing open. They are easily adapted to gate automation and secure application. Master Halco has a number of different options for slide gates:

  • Steel & Pipe Frame
  • Aluminum Cantilever: SurTrac®, TwinTrac™, TrusTrac™
  • Aluminum V-Track: ValuTrac™






Welded & Bent Frame

Bent Frame and Welded Frame single walk and double drive gates are economical and meet performance demands for residential and light duty commercial applications.

Residential sizes are stocked at all Master Halco locations. Bent and Welded Frame gates can be ordered as galvanized fabric and frame, color fabric with galvanized frame or with color fabric and color framework.

Pedestrian Chain Link Gate

Prefabricated Pedestrian - Series 8000

All Series 8000 gates are fully fabricated, assembled and ship ready for immediate installation. A full range of mechanical and electrical access control hardware and closers can be designed and integrated into the gate under factory controlled conditions. The standard Series 8000 gates are constructed with heavy-duty gate frames, cross-bracing, hinges, and more. They are simple to install, only needing to set the two posts in concrete piers. If you want to change up the look of your gate, virtually all filler options conceivable can be incorporated into this line of gates. As with all your gate needs, you can count on our engineering team and custom fabrication shop to provide design, product specifications and the manufacturing support you need. Series 8000 gates include a 5-year limited warranty.

Pedestrian Walk Gate with Turnstil Entry

Series 8000 Pre Hung Pedestrian Gates

Series 8000 Pre Hung Pedestrian Gate

Steel & Pipe Frame

Steel & Pipe Frame gates are available as a roll or cantilever gate. Steel Frame Cantilever Gates use external rollers. Steel & Pipe Roll Gates use double wheel ground rollers for Residential, Industrial, and Heavy Duty applications. For both of these gates you have your choice of wire – Galvanized, Aluminized, Spectra®, Spectra Bond®, Permafused®, or SlatMaster®. Barbed wire can be added for extra security. Gate and safety posts are sold separately.


Cantilever Gate Commercial Galvanized Fabric and Framework

Aluminum Cantilever - SurTrac®, TwinTrac™, & TrusTrac™

For aluminum cantilever gates, Master Halco offers SurTrac®, TwinTrac™, and TrusTrac™ gates. Utilizing our proprietary truck and enclosed track system, these single panel gates can span large gate openings with minimal deflection or resistance. All gates are fabricated and fully welded under factory controlled conditions, ship ready for immediate installation and include all hardware for manual operation.

Primary applications are large openings, high traffic areas and high security perimeters. Aluminum cantilever gates can be doubled up effectively doubling the opening size. Uses include port facilities, airports, municipalities, DOT projects, chemical plants and border stations.


Airport Application TrusTrac Series 2000 with Hy Security Operator

Distribution yard Application TrusTrac Series 3000 40 Opening-Black Fabric and Framework

Marine Application TrusTrac Series 2000

Port Application SurTrac Galvanized Fabric and Framework

Prison Application TrusTrac Series 3000 Galvanized with Razor Ribbon

Screening Application SurTrac with Black Mini Mesh Fabric

TrusTrac in Green

Gate Series Typical Use Max Single Drive Gate Opening Cost
SurTrac® Standard to heavy Duty 10’ to 30’ single $$
TrusTrac™ Series 1000 Light duty use 22’ single $
TrusTrac™ Series 2000 Medium duty use 28’ single $$
TrusTrac™ Series 3000 Heavy duty use 34’ single $$
TrusTrac II™ Series 3000 Heavy duty use 40’ single $$$
TwinTrac™ Heavy duty use larger openings 32’ to 50’ single $$$

Aluminum V-Track - ValuTrac™

ValuTrac™ Aluminum V-Track Sliding Gates are capable of spanning large openings with stability unequaled in the industry. Each gate series is constructed from specific structural members determined by the application and gate span to strengthen the gate and improve stability. ValuTrac™ is known for being a lightweight, yet durable gate. The wheels are mounted inside custom wheel-wells to maintain low ground clearance and are maintenance free with no grease fittings.

Value Trac Series 4500 Large Opening

Value Trac with Operator

ValueTrac Series 2500 double drive


Master Halco exclusively offers the ARMA Gate modular aluminum cantilever gate system by Secure Orbit Inc. The ARMA Gate splice technology allows you to save time and money when it comes to installing your cantilever gate! Easier installation, transport, two-man crew, no heavy equipment, same-day repairs, as well as a variety of accessories to complete the installation. ARMA Gate is the cantilever industry GAME-CHANGER!

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