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Chain Link Temporary Fence Panels with Oxford Temporary Fence Weights

ZND Temporary Fence Panels with Oxford Temporary Fence Weights


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Chain Link Temp Fence

znd temp fence


znd temp fence

Temporary fencing is used to provide safety, security, and crowd control. It’s placed around construction and disaster sites for safety and security. Temporary fence panels and barricades are used for concerts, sporting events, local fairs, and other applications where you want to keep people away or control the flow of walking traffic to get into events. Fence Panels or Barricades are on stands, so they can be quickly installed and taken down for special events.

Master Halco provides a wide selection of temporary fencing, accessories, and barricades across the United States and Canada.

Chain Link Temporary Fence Panels

Chain link temporary fence panels are popular for construction sites, indoor and outdoor events, and sporting events. They are portable and lightweight, but strong and sturdy for controlling pedestrian walkways, vehicular access and parking, and are also used for crowd control.

Our chain link temporary fence panels are available in both Laced or Hardware formats.




Windscreen, when attached to temporary fence panels helps keep dust inside construction sites, and provides additional security to block views of equipment and tools. When used with events, provides a color backdrop and decreases wind in an area.



Barricades are the most commonly used product in the event, crowd control, and safety markets. Many big event venues such as universities, municipalities, and sports arenas routinely use barricades for crowd control on their property. City parades, marathons, and other large events also require significant barricade installations.


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Manufactured in the USA by ZND, our welded wire temporary fence panels provide an elevated experience from traditional chain link temporary panels.  The welded wire design makes the fence anti-climb, produces a stronger frame, and provides a more polished look.

ZND Temp Panels

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