Temporary Fence

Chain Link Temporary Fence Panels

Master Halco offers wide selection of sizes and styles of temporary fence panels, stands, and accessories to meet each market needs. Our most common temporary fence panels feature 11.5gs, 2-3/8” diamond fabric for a consistent, professional looking line of fence. Framework is 1-3/8” or 1-5/8” 16 ga pipe frame for a strong structure up 12 ‘ wide panels. Vertical supports and/or horizontal supports feature 1” OD pipe for supports. The 1”OD supports allow the panels to lay flat for storage and ease of handling. Galvanized finish is G60 that provide a long lasting, durable, clean looking finish.


Temporary Fence Panels are available in Laced or Hardware formats. Common sizes are 6’ H x 12’ L, 6’ H x 10’ L, 8’ H x 10’ L. Custom sizes are available.


Easier to handle, less snags.


Traditional style with tension bar. Easier to repair.

Hardware Format Temporary Panel

Laced Format Temporary Panel


Wide selection of stands for every market

Closed or 8 Frame

  • Wider base for stability on flat ground
  • Pipe stubs for panels to slide onto

H Frame

  • Adjusts to uneven ground
  • Strong rebar stubs


  • Low profile and high visibility inserts provides less trip hazard
  • Long lasting, durable high-density polyethylene
  • No welding, simple, easy repairs
  • Stacks well for handling and storage
  • Handhold for easy of carrying and storage


  • Re-usable Base Weight that eliminates the need for sandbags
  • Heavy counterweight that increases the stability of the temporary fence panel and stand
  • Eliminates the need for sandbags with no mess. 1 BigFoot = 1 sandbag
  • Made of durable, recycled PVC that will last for years on multiple job sites and projects
  • Fits over most tube stands & OxStand
  • Low profile and high visibility edge, reducing trip hazards for a safer site
  • Pre-molded handhold for ease of carrying and faster installation
  • Stackable for storage, transport, & installation

Closed 8-Frame Temporary Fence Stand

H-Frame Temporary Fence Stand

OxStand Temporary Panel Stand

BigFoot Temporary Fence Weight

Building Inspired Fences

We believe that each fence should be a function of need and design so we would like to help you find the right fence.