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Residential Economical Perimeter Fence


Chain link fence can be used in residential neighborhoods balancing the needs of the homeowner, aesthetic concerns and value.

  • The desire for aesthetic appeal has led to recent product innovations, design options and accessories that allow today’s chain link fence to provide improved safety and security in any neighborhood. Today, there are new colors, styles and designs available as well as traditional, high quality metallic-coated chain link fence at a very reasonable cost.
  • Color coating gives a smoother finish, prevents rusting, and helps the installation blend into surroundings. Black is the most popular, because it is often close to being invisible; green and brown are also frequent choices.
  • The ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) regulates product quality and installation practices to ensure high-level quality standards.
  • Composite Fence Strategies give homeowners the option to combine quality chain link fence with other fence products to save money for the homeowner by using a more affordable mixture of fence materials to provide needed security while maintaining community aesthetic standards.

Cost Comparisons

Galvanized Chain Link Fence System $
Color Chain Link Fence System $$
Color Chain Link Fence System with Slats $$$
Alternative Fence Systems $$$$

Pool Chain Link with White Slats

Residential Perimeter Black Chain Link

Residential Pet Boundaries

Residential Safety Secure Property

Residential Small Lots Open Views

Residential Black Chain Link Water Retention

Sport Fences

Chain link fence has been the standard for years for ball fields and tennis courts and continues to be so today. It is a highly durable, functional, and cost effective solution for most applications. Its use on ball fields is unparalleled because of its durable nature. The chain link framework will support windscreen which is frequently installed around tennis courts and outfield fencing.

An attractive alternative to the traditional galvanized is the color vinyl-coated version. This gives the chain look a colored look by placing a colored vinyl coating over the galvanized chain link. The colors available are black, brown, and green.

Backstops Black Chain Link

Batting Cages Black Chain Link

Outfield Fence with Yellow Safety Cap

Sport Court with Windscreen

Sport Playfields Spectator Safety

Tennis Courts

Tennis Courts with Windscreen


Chain link has traditionally stood guard over commercial, industrial and government property, protecting the perimeters of airports, manufacturing facilities, mining operations, motor pools, vehicle fleets and hazardous areas.

There are a couple of ways to enhance the aesthetic view within a commercial or industrial setting- color chain link and the addition of colored slats. Many towns have ordinances that require certain commercial areas, such as dumpsters, to be slatted in so they are blocked from view.

Commercial Airports

Commercial Distribution Yard Perimeter

Commercial Gas Storage

Commercial Retail Yards

Commercial Storage

Industrial Gas, Oil Pipelines

Marine Applications

High Security

In situations that require high security, employing the full offering of the chain link system is key. These include the effective integration of gates, gate operators, heavy-duty fence materials, razor tape and barbed wire during the design process. Considerations when planning your high-security fence project include line of sight, materials, gate and gate operators and level of security.

When designing perimeter security, you have to ask what level of security is needed and that is dictated by how sensitive or valuable the assets are that are being protected. And by level of security, what we really mean is how long it takes someone to get through the perimeter.

Gates are the largest areas for potential security breaches, and you can cut down manpower requirements through automation. This requires the design of appropriate gates, gate operators and access control systems using the right fence materials that may include anti-climbing, anti-cutting and/or terrorism resistance features.

Black Mini Mesh High Security Sites

Chain Link with Razor Ribbon

Secure Facilities


In response to increasingly higher threat levels and the corresponding government-required security upgrading, the chain link industry has developed a wide range of cost-effective high security, anti-intrusion, perimeter security systems. These new systems can be designed to help solve the challenges facing correctional facilities as they work to Harden perimeters, fight against tunneling, cutting, and climbing escape/access, enhance their ability to monitor facilities and surrounding areas, and maximize scarce financial resources.

Double Triple Chain Link Fence Security

Perimeter Security with Arched Post Topped with Razor Ribbon

Prison Secure Entry Points Double Gates

Secure Perimeter with Razor Ribbon

Secure Yard Area with High Visibility

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