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Barbed Wire

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Utility Panel

Cattle fences yield safety and security to larger animals. Keep predators out and your livestock in with the physical and visual barriers that cattle fencing provides.

  • Use high quality posts to ensure years of performance and safety
  • 60” minimum fence height to prevent escape
  • Electrify your fence for extra safety and security
  • 4 to 5 strand Barb Wire fencing
  • Woven Wire fencing with 1 or more barb wire strands above the Woven Wire
  • Wire Panel fencing
  • Heavyweight and Extra-Heavyweight wire
  • High visibility


Woven Wire

Woven wire fences have traditionally been used for cattle. Heavyweight and extra heavyweight woven wire with one or more strands of barbed wire above the fence is a common application and highly recommended for cattle-handling facilities.

Either square, hinge, or fixed knot woven wire can be used for cattle applications.

  • Square Knot woven wire has extra vertical strength to withstand heavy impact. The knot construction is smooth to prevent snags and cuts.
  • The Hinge Knot stretches and gives, allowing it to absorb animal impact without damage. Uniform crimps keep the hinge knot fence tight under strain.
  • The Fixed Knot uses solid vertical stay wires to allow for increased post spacing. The knot cannot come apart under pressure, making it highly resistant to impact. Uniform crimps keep the hinge knot fence tight under strain.

Hinge Knot

Square Knot

Square Knot Woven Wire Roll

Square Knot Line Drawing

Hinge Joint

Fixed Knot Woven Wire Roll

Hinge Joint Line Drawing

Fixed Knot

Fixed Knot Woven Wire Roll

Fixed Knot Line Drawing

Barbed Wire

Barbed Wire used for cattle applications typically consists 4 or 5 strands of wire to complete the makeup of the fence. Or it can be added to the top of a woven wire fence.

Consisting of two strands of wire twisted together with barbs placed at predetermined distances, Barbed Wire is an economical solution for achieving safety and security. This special type of wire is offered in three varieties: barbless, 2 point, or 4 point. The standard spacing of barbs is 4 or 5 inches.

Barbless Wire

Barbless Wire

2 Point Barbed Wire

2 Point Barbed Wire Roll

4 Point Barbed Wire

4 Point Barbed Wire Roll

Electric Fence Wire

Master Halco’s electric fencing is manufactured with an extremely strong, smooth wire to resist breakage over long distances. These products come in spools of 17, 14, and 12.5 galvanized wire gauges in quarter and half-mile lengths. Electric fencing is ideal for added security on an existing fence or as a low-cost temporary or permanent fence alternative.

Livestock Panels

Livestock Panels can be used in a variety of instances on rural and residential properties, but are traditionally used for containing livestock or used as temporary fencing.

All panels are manufactured using the galvanized-before-welding process, which gives a smooth finish to each line wire and eliminates sharp burrs. A wide variety of spacing configurations makes these panels extremely versatile for many applications, including hog pens, hog traps, dog pens, and many other farm and residential uses.


T-posts are a staple in agricultural fencing because they can be used in a variety of applications. They are commonly used and highly recommended.

  • Versatile
  • Easy to install
  • Made of steel for long lasting, maintenance-free performance
  • Galvanized and Painted options available
  • Import and Domestic available - DOT certified upon request
  • Various sizes available

Round Wood Posts

Round wood posts can be used for a variety of fencing projects and are a suitable alternative to metal t-posts when you want the look of wood. The design, functionality, and dependability of round wood posts continue to make it the choice of many homeowners and farmers in today’s environment.

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