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HySecurity HydraSwing in use

HySecurity Slide Driver in use

HySecurity Strong Arm Barrier Gate on the road



Not all gates are either swing or slide gates. Depending on the property layout, the types of vehicles that will enter or exit, the level of security required, the impact resistance necessary, or additional requirements, there are specialty gate openers to meet each project’s needs.

  • It’s extremely important that the right specialty gate opener be selected for the right application. These are highly specified projects that require the work of design professionals in conjunction with facilities management.
  • In the case of high security applications, there may be multiple barriers, gates, and checkpoints to maximize the security level, and slow down possible intrusions.
  • Solar power is an option available for some specialty gate openers. Having a battery backup is essential to maintain performance during power outages
  • All units include safety reversing and monitoring devices to UL 325 standards





Barrier Gate Operators

  • Barrier Gate Operators provide a simple swing arm to control passage to areas like parking garages, parks, and high secure areas as a method of controlling vehicle flow and security.
  • These units are designed primarily for single lane traffic control and can be mounted on the right side or left side of the road.
  • The actual arms range from wood (easily replaceable), aluminum, steel, and even specialty structurally re-enforced to prevent crashing through.

Crash Rated Arm Barrier

DoorKing 1601 Barrier Gate

HySecurity Strong Arm Barrier Gate on the road

HySecurity Strong Arm Barrier Gate

HySecurity Strong Arm Park Barrier Gate

LiftMaster Industrial Duty Wishbone Arm Barrier Gate Operator

LiftMaster Mega Arm High Performance Barrier Gate

LiftMaster Mega Arm Sprint High Speed Barrier Gate

LiftMaster Mega Arm Sprint Tower High Speed Barrier Gate

LiftMaster Mega Arm Tower High Performance Barrier Gate

Hydraulic Gate Openers

  • In applications where high security, consistent performance and the need for faster speeds for security reasons, hydraulic gate openers are stronger and more reliable than traditional gate openers.
  • Hydraulic gate openers are available as actuator arms and ground based units for swing gates, as well as slide gate units.
  • Hydraulic gate opener can also work in tandem for double drive gate applications

B&B AMR LXL Series

HySecurity HydraSwing in use

HySecurity HydraSwing

HySecurity Slide Driver in use

HySecurity Slide Driver

Vertical Lift Gate Openers

  • In some applications, where space is limited or adjacent property lines are close, vertical gates are used.
  • Vertical Lift gate openers will lift the gate straight up or tilt away to create an opening for vehicles to enter and exit.
  • Careful planning and design are required for these gates, to ensure the proper clearance for any potential vehicle that could enter and structurally support the weight of the gate structure.

HySecurity HydroLift

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