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Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission & Vision

By Kobe Yamamoto, Chief Executive Officer

We recently completed an important project in reestablishing our Mission and Vision Statement. It was important for us to consider a new Mission and Vision Statement because the company has evolved under the new management team and I wanted to make sure we share our vision with all stakeholders. This important project included the management team and associates throughout the company, many of whom you communicate with daily. We are proud to present our new Mission and Vision Statement below:

Our Mission Statement:

We create opportunities for our customers and associates to succeed through our continuous commitment to manufacturing and distribution excellence.

Our customers are an integral part of our business. Without you, we do not exist. Our Mission is to grow to new heights of market leadership and grow the market for fencing products by partnering with all of you.

Our Vision Statement:

Achieve new levels of market leadership in fence distribution by:

  • Creating a positive and rewarding work environment
  • Being a valued and responsible partner to our customers and suppliers
  • Re-investing in our people, infrastructure, and product offerings
  • Deliver exceptional customer service and quality products

Through this vision, it is our intent to be a responsible partner to you and put forth efforts to deliver exceptional customer service. Recently, we surveyed our customers to understand where we can improve and add value to your business. Participation was spectacular and we got a lot of great feedback. We want to thank everyone who participated in the survey. We will evaluate this information and work hard to meet and exceed your expectations in all areas.

Thank you for your business!

Kobe Yamamoto


Fence Making a Difference

Fence Making a Difference

By Jason Moreno, Product Manager

Built atop an abandoned limestone quarry in the Texas Hill Country, Morgan’s Wonderland is definitely a one-of-a-kind theme park.  Inspired by their daughter’s disability, Gordon and Maggie Hartman created Morgan’s Wonderland, the world’s first theme park invented with special-needs individuals in mind.  Opened in 2010, the park has grown to include a school, a soccer complex, a children’s rehabilitation institute, and now a water park: Inspiration Island.

One of Master Halco’s San Antonio, TX customers, Garcia Fencing Company, was chosen to participate on the Inspiration Island portion of the project.  “From the first day we stepped ground on the park we were filled with great honor to be a part of this project.  To see it progress throughout the months was so satisfying at the end,” said Sandy Garcia, president of Garcia Fencing.  They were contracted to install 2 fences, an 8’ Bamboo fence around Inspiration Island and an 8’ Wood Privacy fence around the park.

The Original PostMaster was Garcia Fence’s choice of post for both installations.  When asked why she used PostMaster on such a unique installation, Sandy said “This was our first time installing a bamboo fence. Since we wanted to achieve a full bamboo look we wanted a post that we could conceal!  Postmaster helped achieve that goal. It made things very simple to install.”

“Every section of the park, every detail, every step was always focused on a very SPECIAL someone!  No other water park in the area had been created like this one.  This made our job much more meaningful,” Sandy added.

To learn more about the park, visit www.morganswonderland.com.   To learn more about The Original PostMaster please visit the web site or see it in action by clicking this video!

Have a cool story about a fence project you’ve worked on? Let us know at fenceview@masterhalco.com and you might be featured in our next newsletter!

How to Get Credit That Works for You

How to Get Credit That Works for You

By Missy Hume, Director of Credit

With seasonal rush in full swing, high inventory levels, and phones ringing off the wall, the last thing we want our customers to worry about is how they will finance large commercial jobs with us.  Stop with the worrying already!  Whether you are a COD or credit-based customer, Master Halco offers a wide variety of credit services to help all of our customers handle these situations.

A commonly used tool is our “project specific” job accounts.  As your business partner, we understand that commercial jobs require special handling- including extended terms and a “set aside” credit limit not associated with your everyday purchases.   We also understand that you will not be able to pay for this material until paid by the General Contractor and/or end user.   This service takes this all into consideration.

As an extra bonus, we can run credit checks on the General Contractors and/or Owners of jobs before you ever even sign the contract. This way you know going in if there is anything you should be cautious of.  Not only will we look out for you at the beginning of the project, but we also will act as the collector of these jobs if the account rolls past the offered terms.  We will contact the GC/Owner for payment.  Your everyday house account will never be jeopardized when the GC/Owner drags their feet to pay.  The best benefit to these job accounts is that Master Halco does not expect to be paid until you are paid.

If you would like additional information on how to set up such accounts, please contact your local DC or the Credit Department directly.  We look forward to working to show how all of the credit services will benefit your business!

Become an Expert in Your Field

Become an Expert in Your Field

By Eric Carpenter, Product Manager

Agricultural fencing is very important element of our society.  When used of farms, it protects crops, fields, land and livestock.  It serves as barrier to keep everything important inside the fence line, as well serves as the barrier to keep wildlife, pests and predators away. A farmer’s sole source of income for their family needs to be protected.  A well designed agricultural fence not only provides protection, it helps the farmer properly manage their business – controlling the movement of their animals, which fields to use for grazing , and to control breeding.  With residential properties continuing to expand into the farm community, agricultural fencing allows unobstructed views of nature, provides protection, and allows the farming community to also be good neighbors.  The use of agriculture fencing goes beyond the farm.  It also protects wildlife from entering dangerous highways, protects nature and wildlife preserves, and even protect beaches from natural erosion.

Agricultural fencing can also be an opportunity for you to expand your business.  With residential and commercial projects becoming extremely competitive in price, agricultural fencing may be an opportunity for growth.  Agricultural fencing is an all year round project  – repairs and replacement need to be completed in short order, as the fence protects the farmers source of income.  Quality materials translates to low maintenance for farmers.  It’s not about feet, agricultural fencing is about acres and even miles.

We are working hard to make it easy to add agriculture products to your selection.  No matter how large or small your order, we’ll work with you.  We can also source multiple styles of fence to best fit your customers’ needs.  With local stock at our DCs across the country, it is easy to do quick pick up or even job site delivery.

We all are guilty of checking out fencing wherever we go.  The next time you get out into the countryside, look at the properties, the agricultural fencing, and view this as an opportunity for your business.