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Chain Link Crash Gate

Crash Gate

Crash Gate

Balanced, Rugged, & Durable

Master Halco and Logical Decisions Inc. have teamed up with engineered and tested solutions to fit your high security needs. The CGS system has been crash tested on a 24’ gate opening and certified to M50-P2 as per ASTM F2656-15. No matter the crash rating required, Master Halco and LDI can engineer your project.

Master Halco’s proven line of rugged and durable gate systems are adapted and enhanced for the demands of crash gate applications. All integration is performed at the factory for simplified installation and reliable performance. The LDI cable and locking system design is fundamental engineering at it’s best. Their proprietary cable and robust arresting methods provide the energy absorption necessary with very simplified locking and release methods.

Our manufacturing operations are certified to AWS D1.1/D1.1M and D1.2/D1.2M and provide the technological and manufacturing expertise for custom applications.

Master Halco provides a 2-year limited warranty on CGS gate systems.





A Better High Security Gate System

Utilizing our proprietary gate products and LDI’s unique cable and arresting systems, CGS gate systems are fabricated and fully welded under factory-controlled conditions. These gates ship ready for immediate installation with hardware for manual operation Automation equipment optional.

  • Gate
  • Superstructure
  • All Hardware
  • Cable systems
  • Locking Column
  • Latch/Bollard posts
  • Automation

Crash Gate Components

  • Proprietary cable with increased energy absorption
  • Heavy wall steel tubing
  • Reinforced plate in locking column
  • Mechanical lock, 24V solenoid release
  • Simple mechanical release by keyed access door
  • Positive lock of cables into latch posts
  • Manual or integrated release with access controls
  • Reinforced latch post and rear dogs

Ornamental Crash Gate

Building Inspired Fences

We believe that each fence should be a function of need and design so we would like to help you find the right fence.